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B P Enterprises was set up in 1988 with highly successful Professionals of Plywood Industry. Within a short span of time, B P Enterprises has become one of the fastest growing industrial houses of the country. It has grabbed numerous awards for quality excellence in the market and its brands have been well established through out the country. It manufactures an extensive range of plywood products.

Anything required by the customer can be provided from the inexhaustible inventories maintained by the company or it can manufacture any product as per customers need. Besides, Providing superior quality plywood, we at B P Enterprises take special care to protect the environment. Unlike other plywood manufacturers, we've taken initiative to supplement our dwindling forest cover by making rational use of timber, i.e.

we've developed system and process, to extract the Optimum yield from a single timber log, reducing wastage of our valuable natural resources. We have also implemented major afforestion measures to supplement the loss.

Our Mission to seek growth in manufacturing and marketing of products that takes care for the needs of our customers around the world, by offering innovative ,high quality products at affordable price and to comply with social, environmental and human needs.